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Hillsborough Recovery Coalition

Board of Directors Application

Thank you for your desire to serve as a member of the Hillsborough Recovery Coalition (HRC) Board of Directors!


The Hillsborough Recovery Coalition Board of Directors is composed of members with varied backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and skills that provide counsel and leadership support to HRC's operating directors and staff. We would like to invite you to complete and share the following information about yourself.

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Recovery Coalition

Begin your HRC Journey Now!
Your Status or Experience with Recovery (Please check all that apply)
Skills that will be valuable to the Board? (Check all that apply)

**Please note that if you are selected to serve, you commit to attend monthly board meetings and comply with all HRC policies including the HRC Conflict-of-interest policy** 

Thanks for submitting!


Download the PDF Version of HRC's Board Application by clicking the "Download Icon Above".  Please email the completed and signed copy of the board application to:

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