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Hillsborough Recovery Coalition 

 Founded in 2020

Our Mission

The Hillsborough Recovery Coalition (HRC) is committed to serving individuals and families in their fight to obtain, maintain, and sustain recovery regardless of their pathway, while ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect.



Stang-up Meeting

Hillsborough Recovery Coalition is organized for the following charitable purposes:

  • Assist individuals and their families to obtain, maintain, and sustain their pathway to recovery.

  • Assist individuals in finding a pathway to recovery that works for them.

  • Provide non-clinical support services to individuals and families in recovery.

  • Provide telephone recovery support to individuals and families.

  • Provide recovery coaching for individuals and families.

  • Provide peer-to-peer support to individuals in recovery.

  • Assist individuals to find new outlets in recovery through community-oriented recreation.

  • Educate the public about the science of addiction and the process of recovery through public awareness events.

  • Educate the public about prevention through public awareness events.

  • Provide a safe space where individuals in recovery can find wellness and recovery support.

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